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Sailing in Croatia • Rogač - Stomorska


We sail in direction of Šolta, along the northern side of island Drvenik. We sail through the Šolta Channel with a good wind, but near Šolta the wind weakens and near Krušica D. we almost stop moving. We finally arrive in Rogač, the ferry port of Šolta, situated in the first of three bays on the northern side of the island. We dock sideways on the head of a small dock in the part of the port reserved for small boats. Although the port is well protected, the possibilities for docking a sailboat are limited. On the other side of the port there is water and electricity for yachts, but it's quite shallow there. Anyway there are no yachts in the port. In Rogač there are many summer residences all around the bay. And that's all, there's no shop here, the closest one is in Grohote, the biggest settlement on the island, 2 km up the hill. We go for a walk to Grohote, where we find a factory producing fenders (!) and buy two big round fenders. We even climb on a hill from which there is a nice view all over the island.



As Željka is leaving today we don't sail out. I accompany her to Split with the passenger ship. In Split we go for a walk in the harbor and then around the old city. Unfortunately only a small part of the harbor is nice for walking, with numerous cafes and big palms, while the part near Sustipan doesn't offer much for a visitor.


I sail to the small port of Stomorska. Željka is coming back in 10 days so I intend to stay somewhere close to Split. Stomorska is close to Rogač, I only need to pass Cape Bad near Rogač and Cape Rat at the entrance to the big bay Nečujam and I'm in Stomorska. The port is only partially protected from NE wind. In the harbor there are moorings installed, but I prefer to dock in the part of the harbor where passenger ships dock because the catamaran from Spit comes in Stomorska only on weekends. In Stomorska there is a shop in the harbor. I go for a walk to G. Krušica. The village consists of a few houses around a small bay, 2 km from Stomorska. Once back in Stomorska I meet the guy that charges for the docking, asking me to dock in the part of the harbor with moorings and to pay for it. As I don't need water or electricity I rather tie the sailboat to a free buoy anchored in the harbor, probably used only in the summer. As I don't know how well is the buoy anchored I drop my anchor too.



The night was calm, I dock in the port to buy bread and I sail back to Rogač where at least I don't have to pay anything.



As bora started blowing and even stronger bora is forecast I sail to the spacious nearby bay Nečujam. There are many summer residences all around the bay, often not very nice. I anchor in the best protected part of the bay, Maslinica. It should be fine here. I tie the stern to a small dock. In the afternoon another sailboat comes and anchors in Maslinica. He spends hours anchoring, dropping the second anchor from his rubber dinghy, tying the sailboat to the coast...



It was windy in Maslinica in the night too, but the sailboat was anchored well. I pull the rope on the stern and jump on the coast. I walk around Nečujam and realize that it's still pretty wavy in its central part while in Maslinica it's pretty calm. In the evening the skipper from the other sailboat comes to my sailboat and we drink a beer.


As bora is still very strong I go for a walk to Grohote to buy some food.


I sail back to Rogač and dock near the gas station (I shouldn't dock here but who cares). I stay the following two days in Rogač and use them to go for a walk to Maslinica (village on the northern side of the island, not the small bay bearing the same name) and the stony bay Tatinja on the southern side of the island.


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