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Sailing in Croatia • Telaščica - Sali


As Željka is coming tonight to Sali, I sail back in direction od Dugi Otok. Bora is still blowing pretty strong. In front of Mala Proversa I encounter a quite wavy sea so I don't even try to pass through the strait. I rather continue to the north, in the Bay of Telašćica, on the south of Dugi Otok. At the very end of this big bay, in the shallow cove Magrovica, I find a small dock to which I slowly approach rowing (I'm equipped for rowing too!). I fasten the sailboat to the dock hoping that it will not remain ashore at low tide. From Telašćica to Sali I walk for 45 minutes on the paved road. Željka will arrive with the ship from Zadar at 22:00. While waiting for her I do the shopping. One hour after the arrival of the ship we are on the sailboat where we warm ourselves on the gas cooker.

Telašćica - Dugi Otok

Telašćica - Dugi Otok



In the morning we find ice all over the deck! The temperature must have been very low in the night. After the breakfast we sail towards Mala Proversa, with SE wind. Many fishing-boats are passing through the strait. In the evening they sail out to the open sea and in the morning they return to ports. A few meters before the strait a big fishing-boat passes very close to us, creating a big wave into which the sailboat hits very hard! At the other (eastern) side of the strait the wind is weaker and soon we sail very slowly in direction of Lavdara and then Sali. As we're expecting strong sirocco we don't stay in the exterior part of the harbor but rather tie the sailboat in the interior of the harbor, where we find a free place among local boats. In the evening we go to the only cafe open in Sali.

Sali - Dugi Otok

Sali - Dugi otok



Strong sirocco is blowing. Although protected by two piers, big waves from SE are entering in the harbor and the stay on the sailboat is very unpleasant. In the days that follow sirocco is blowing with gale force and it's impossible to sail out safely. After a few days of getting cold on the always-jumping sailboat I decide to move it in the exterior part of the harbor, in an angle I found to be pretty protected from the waves. I fasten the sailboat to a mooring and leave it alone for some time in Sali.

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