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Sailing in Croatia • Božava - Rava - Sali


After a (too) windy January and a few days of strong sirocco, it's finally a good day to sail out to the south. I sail out on "dead" waves from SE, heading to Zapuntel. This time I'm the only member of the crew. The wind is weak.



With light bora I sail to the western side of Molat, towards Sedmovraće, where the wind blows moderately. The sea is pretty calm since this area is well protected from the waves of bora. To take advantage of the wind I choose not to go to the port of Molat but rather continue further south in direction of Dugi Otok. In the leeward of island Zverinac the wind becomes week and of changeable direction. Between ports of Zverinac and Božava I choose Božava, an ugly port where I find moorings near a big docked vessel and dock safely. A path leads from the port along the coast. It must be very nice here in the summer in the shade of the green forest. Although the port of Božava is open only to SE, even a moderate bora in the night brings unpleasant waves in the port.

Božava - Dugi Otok

Božava - Dugi otok



In the morning I'm woken up by the noise of the nearby construction site. So I sail out as soon as I can. I have breakfast while sailing along the coast of Dugi Otok, and with a (too) weak wind I arrive in Vela Rava, the bigger of two villages on the island Rava. As I don't find a good place to dock in the small port with a semi-ruined dock, I head back north in the bay Paladinica where many sailboats anchor in the summer. The bay is too deep and I can't anchor safely, so I go back to Vela Rava. I dock somehow. I look astonished at the dock because half a meter under the waterline I see something that looks like iron tubes that could damage the hull of the sailboat. Well, surprise, it's not iron but some sort of algae! There's a small shop in the harbor, but no fresh bread because on Rava they get fresh bread only every second day. I climb to the top of the hill where there's a small cemetery. From here the view over the nearby island Iž is very nice. Although I have been warned by the locals that sometimes at night the wind blows directly in this, to the W open port, the night is very calm.

sailingVela Rava


I sail near Rava and Krknata towards Sail, the biggest and the southernmost village on Dugi Otok. Sali is a quite big port consisting of a spacious outer part for nautical tourists, protected by a large pier, and a smaller interior part for locals, protected with another, smaller pier. I dock on the mooring in the exterior part of the port and buy all I need in the local shop. This is the last shop before Kornati national park, where I plan to go. Sali is completely empty in winter, people show up only when the ship from Zadar arrives.


nautical map

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