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Sailing in Croatia • Cres - Rab - Pag - Silba


I sail out between Lošinj and Kozjak towards Trasorka. Behind islet Trasorka there is a bay Jamna with a small massive pier. All around the bay there are stones and the bay is not very attractive so I continue in direction of Cres. Privlaka Bridge on Lošinj opens at 09:00 and I observe a fleet of speed-boats and sailboats sail out of Mali Lošinj. Mistral started blowing. On Cres I anchor in the bay Jadrišćica. I swim for a while in the cold sea and then sail along numerous bays on the SE side of Cres. Near Cape Kolorat I set course to the bay Ul, the port of village Punta Križa. The bay is too shallow so I find a more suitable anchorage at the eastern side of the big Kolorat Bay. A boat is anchored in this cove and the lady on the boat, as soon as she sees me approaching, starts shouting "riservato, riservato!" (thinking I'm Italian). I explain to the dear lady that she doesn't own the sea and therefore can't reserve anything. Later I realize the cove is not too suitable for my sailboat so I anchor at another position in Kolorat Bay. Moderate mistral is blowing in the night and it's not very comfortable on the sailboat because Kolorat Bay is quite big and it's wavy in it.

Kolorat - Cres

Kolorat - Cres



With NW wind I sail out of Kolorat and start crossing Kvarnerić Bay ("Small Kvarner Bay"). I sail south of Trstenik where there are some waves coming from the north. I pass between Veli and Mali Laganj and Dolfin. The wind stops. I sail in direction of island Rab. The sea is not calm due to numerous boats exiting the Rab harbor. I pass near Cape Frkanj and anchor in one of numerous coves on the SW side of the bay Sv. Fumija. In the afternoon I sail in the Rab harbor and dock in the ACI marina Rab. There are many people here that reserve a place in the marina for 2-3 weeks and than sail out every morning and come back in the evening.





In the days that follow the rain and bora made the air and the sea cold and I didn't even bath in the sea. In the evening it's pretty cold!


It's still cloudy but at least bora weakened a bit. I sail back in direction of Cape Kristofor and then around Cape Kalifront in direction of north. At Cape Kalifront I sail on wavy sea under gusts od bora. Well, the Senj Strait is right in front of me (Senj is well-known for very strong bora)! In the Kampor Bay the situation is much better, and in Supetar Bay, behind islet Maman, the wind is blowing without creating any waves. I sail along the northern coast of Supetar Bay, from cove Tunarica to ACI marina Supetarska Draga and then anchor in one of the coves in the south of Supetar Bay. After the bath I dock in ACI marina. Here the atmosphere is pretty calm. Unfortunately there is nothing interesting to see in Supetar Bay.

Supetarska Draga - Rab

Supetarska Draga - Rab

sailingSupetarska Draga


I sail out in direction of Cape Sorinj, behind which I see the Senj Strait, the passage between islands Krk and Prvić. I navigate towards Cape Stojan on NW of Lopar Bay. Lopar and the nearby island Sv. Grgur are very green. From time to time I feel a breeze of light bora. I sail in direction of Cape Plitvac on Sv. Grgur. There's a small forest in a bay and a few sailboats are anchored here. I sail through the bay and then behind Cape Kosač in the Grgur Channel. The sight here is unique - on the north Krk and Prvić, on the east mountain Velebit, on the south Sv. Grgur, Rab and Goli Otok - any no vegetation of any kind on any of these islands. It's not difficult to imagine the force of the winds (bora) that blow in this region. I sail back to Rab. In front of Cape Sorinj I'm suddenly hit by wild gusts of a southern wind that don't last long. I sail towards Cape Sorinj and behind it I find pretty calm sea. I return in the marina.

sailingSupetarska Draga


This morning I don't sail out since Željka is due to come at noon. The ferry is late so Željka comes later than expected. We sail out for a swim near islet Šailovac and than come back in the marina.

sailingSupetarska Draga


Because of the storms we don't sail but take a local bus and go to the beach in the tourist resort San Marino on NE side of Rab. It's pretty cold.


We sail back around Cape Kalifront to the Rab harbor. In marina there is no more crowd. Summer is slowly approaching to its end. In the evening it's warm again.



We sail in direction of island Pag, around Cape Lun on the northernmost point of Pag and reef Tovarnele, and then to the south along the coast of Pag. From time to time we spot a nice cove. There are not many villages on this part of the island, and the only safe anchorage is in front of village Jakišnica. Near the city of Novalja we decide to keep sailing further south. We stop for a bath in the bay Šip on the northern side of the nearby island Maun. There are many boats anchored here during the day. Later we return to Pag and dock in the ACI marina in Šimuni. We need to walk for a long time before reaching a pebble beach. In the evening we dine in a good restaurant.



Sirocco is blowing today. We sail in direction of Olib. The channels of Maun and Pohlib (the first between Pag and Maun and the latter between Maun and Olib) are quite wavy. Near Maun we meet a big group of dolphins. Behind Cape Garmina on the northern side of Olib we enter the Olib Channel and keep sailing in direction of Silba. We dock in the port of Silba. Our voyage through the Adriatic Sea came to its end.


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