Sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia • Krivica - Ilovik


With light bora I advance quickly in direction of Srakane. In the strait Veli Žapal the sea currents create a pretty wavy sea. Near Cape Kurila on Lošinj bora weakens. After having sailed near islet Zabodaski I turn in the bay Artaturi in search of an anchorage. As there are too many boats anchored here I rather go in the Mali Lošinj harbor. I don't like it in Mali Lošinj but I have to stay here soewhere since Željka will arrive soon.

sailingMali Lošinj


It's raining cats and dogs.


Željka came, and so did a strong bora. To find shelter from the wind we go for a swim in the bay Čikat on the western side of the island.


Bora is still pretty strong but we sail out anyway. At the exit of the Bay of Mali Lošinj, near islet Murtar, I hesitate for a while whether to sail out or not. We sail out anyway, in direction of a few miles distant bay Krivica ("Curved Bay"). Krivica is an S-shaped bay, small and full of anchored boats. There is a dense forest all around the bay. Because of the lack of space everyone drops anchor from the bow and then ties the stern to the coast. We find a free place at the end of the bay. Despite the sandy bottom, the anchor doesn't hold well enough since below the sand there are stone plates. So one has to use a long anchor line. One guy passes close to us in a rubber dinghy and when I ask him if he's already spent more days here he answers: "two months ". Some older people spend here the whole summer. Not a wonder, in Lošinj they take away your money quickly and here it's free. In the afternoon a storm passes over us.

Mali Lošinj - bay Krivica

Mali Lošinj - bay Krivica



We stay in Krivica. In the evening bora is very strong. A strong gust of wind removes our auxiliary anchor from the sand so I have to jump in the water to fix it.


In the morning we get on the coast and walk over the hill all the way to Veli Lošinj. At the east coast of Lošinj bora is very strong. Željka leaves with the bus and I buy food and return to Krivica. In the evening bora turns to sirocco.


Sirocco is weakening. While talking to my Italian neighbor I realize that the tide is very high. A few minutes later the tide is very low! The tide is oscillating by 50 cm in 15 minutes! This is a phenomenon that I see for the first time. It's common on lakes and in channels when the strong wind stops blowing and the water starts moving from one side of the lake/channel to another and back. I'm anchored on a depth of 1,5 m so I hope that the sailboat doesn't remain ashore with extremely low tide. The phenomenon lasted for 1,5 hours and then ceased.


After a few days of bora and sirocco I decide to sail to Ilovik. I dock on the pier in the port. In the channel between Ilovik and the neighboring island Sv. Petar buoys are anchored, but they are too close to one another, so I prefer to dock in the port where I can get off the sailboat and have a walk. There is no water in the port; one has to go to the church where the local reservoir is located. There is a manual water pump but it's not working so two Italians are trying to repair it... I go for a swim on a 2 km distant, big sandy beach Paržine. The sea is a bit cold. In the night bora is very strong, but in the port it's pretty calm.




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