Sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia • Medulin - Rovinj


In the morning I accompany Željka on the bus to Zagreb and then sail out hoping to reach Istria. Night breeze is blowing in the morning and than it turns to sirocco. I sail near islands Srakane and Cape Arbit on Unije, then along the southern side of Unije. Here the sea becomes wavy, particularly behind Cape Vnetak (the westernmost point of Unije). The sailboat is unstable on the waves hitting its stern, so I constantly correct the course. It's very hot; today's temperature on the Adriatic is 35-38°C. I'm soaking wet. Although I see on the horizon something that should be Istria, I still navigate by the compass. On the starboard, far away, I see the rock Galijola. After a while I locate the Medulin Bay and shortly thereafter the lighthouse Porer. Later I realize that my "Porer" is, in fact, the mast of a big sailboat! After a few more hours I locate the "real" Porer, and then Albanež. The next problem are islets in Medulin Bay, low and difficult to distinguish. And there are also many shallow spots in the bay. Near Cape Kamenjak, the southernmost point of Istrian peninsula, the waves are quite big. I locate islet Fenera and pass on its right, safer side. Then I sail between islets Ceja and Bodulaš right in the interior of Medulin Bay. Here there are no more waves. On the right side of the bay, in front of the city Medulin, I see a few masts so I approach to see whether it's possible to dock here. Yes, it's a small marina and there is some free place. It's somewhat cheaper than ACI marina at the very end of Medulin Bay, but also more exposed to waves.

Bay of Medulin

Bay of Medulin



Medulin is a lively place, full of tourists. I go for a bath at the southern side of the small peninsula, in the very shallow bay Bijaca (open to SE). I spend the whole day on the beach. Unfortunately the sea is not very transparent here.


I sail out near the eastern coast of Cape Kamenjak and than to the south of it. Between the rock Porer and islet Fenoliga there is an unmarked underwater reef - Veliki Balun - so I take care to avoid it by sailing in direction of SW before turning north around the lighthouse Porer. If I had a depth sonar this long route wouldn't have been necessary. I wonder to see some sailboats navigate between Porer and Fenoliga, where the reef is supposed to be. Later I will meet a Slovenian who keeps his sailboat in Medulin and who claims that this reef doesn't exist!? Between Cape Kamenjak and Porer it's quite wavy. After Porer I pass near Valun Bay and numerous other bays before reaching the steep hill Mužilj and the long pier protecting the harbor of Pula. Veli Brijun, the biggest island of Brijuni national park, is in front of me. I sail near Sv. Jerolim, Veli and Mali Brijun. When exiting the Fažana Channel I approach the coast of Istria. A small islet Porer worries me (not to be confused with the rock with lighthouse bearing the same name), I can't locate it anywhere. Finally I see it, it's small but visible. Around Porer there are numerous small boats with people enjoying the nice day. I sail near Vela and Mala Sestrica, Sv. Ivan, Sturag and Sv. Andrija, around the rock Muntrav and into the Rovinj harbor. At the entrance to the harbor there's a long pier of ACI marina Rovinj. After having docked in the marina I note that the mooring line doesn't hold well - if I pull the sailboat from the dock, the sailboat hits it. The problem is that the depth in this part of the marina is about 10 meters and the moorings are anchored too close to the dock. I ask for another place but the idiot that works in the marina tells me that he can't give me the place for a bigger boat!? Being very tired and knowing that the weather forecast for the night is good I decide to stay here. ACI marina Rovinj showed up to be the worst place to dock a ship in the Adriatic! At a cost of 26€! I go for a bath in the nearby bay. In the evening I decide to go to the city for a walk but I find that the metal door at the end of the dock is closed and that I can't get out (in the day it was open). Luckily a passenger explains me that the card detector is located on the other side of the door (the one not visible from the dock) so I manage to open it...




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