Sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia • Sestrunj - Pantera


We sail out towards Cape Osiljinac on the north of Iž and continue in direction of Sestrunj. In the Sestrunj port in the bay Kablin we dock on a small pier (there are no installations for the yachts here, the port is very small). In the port there are just a few houses, the village is up on the hill. In the afternoon we go to the village, 2 km from the port. From the village we descend to the bay Horvatin, the second port of Sestrunj, on the NE side of the island. The small port fails to impress us so we climb back to the village where we find a "cafe-restaurant" and have a drink. Afterwards we return to the port, soaking wet because of the heat.



We sail towards islet Sparešnjak and then island Zverinac. We didn't even approach the port and already a guy on the pier shouts "What service do you need?". What service, are you crazy? Even in this small port (if this can be called a port) one must pay the docking fee. And they try to send away those who don't intend to spend the night here (and pay). We dock and have a walk through this small settlement. We find nothing interesting in the village so we sail out. We sail around islet Bršćak and further in the lagoon Pantera on Dugi Otok. Buoys are anchored here. We try to approach the dock used by the keeper of the lighthouse Veli Rat in NW part of Pantera but it's too shallow there, so we tie the sailboat to a buoy.



We sail out in direction of village Molat to buy food. The port is full of yachts on moorings. In the summer there is a shop open in the port. What the difference from the winter when one must order bread one day in advance! We sail out to east, passing through Velo Žaplo, strait dividing Mali and Veli Tun. When it's windy the sea currents can be quite strong here but now it's very calm. We anchor for a swim in the bay Vapojni. The mistral is rising. We close reach for a long time before reaching Cape Vranač on NE of Molat and then enter in Zapuntel. We tie the sailboat to a buoy but later we approach a small dock in the port. An idiot shows up claiming that we occupied his brother's place! We don't care and stay where we are. If someone comes there is one free place near us (of course no one showed up). In the evening bora started blowing and those who were on the buoys didn't sleep much in the night.



After 3 days bora finally weakened so we set course to island Silba. Željka wanted to spend her last week of holidays on Silba.


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