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Sailing in Croatia • Jezera - Sali - Iž


Northern winds weakened, so we sail out early in the morning, under light sirocco. We sail on the route to Rogoznica and Primošten and once there decide to continue further north. We navigate towards islet Komorica and then through Zmajan Channel to Prečevac and Kaprije where we meet dolphins. We turn north and sail towards Murter Channel where we anchor in the lagoon near islet Hrbošnjak. We bath in the cold sea and then go to the ACI marina in Jezera on Murter. Today we made the longest route yet - 35 miles of useful route. How many miles we actually sailed we have no idea since we have no instrument that could measure it. We are dead tired so we relax for a while and then have a dinner in a restaurant.

Jezera - Murter

Jezera - Murter



Sirocco was blowing the whole night and it still blows today, quite strong, so we decide to stay in Jezera and go for a long walk along the coast of Murter to villages Tisno, Betina and Murter.


Sirocco calmed down a bit so we sail out through the Murter Sea towards Murvenjak, Gangaro, Košara and then with caution towards Bikarijica keeping distance from the rock Galijolica, to be safe from the unmarked underwater reef Miši. Here we see a "Canadair" plane, used to fight fires, descend on the sea-level, fill tanks with water, take off and discharge all the water back in the sea, all that at a short distance from us. And then it flies away right in front of us. Željka is asking nervously all the time what to do, but the plane is so much faster than us that every maneuver we could possibly do serves nothing. We have to hope that he sees us and knows what he does. We will see the planes more times later in the day, they are probably training. Behind the Cape Strunac we enter in the big bay Žut on the island bearing the same name, sail around the bay for a while and then continue towards Glamoč. Sirocco is getting stronger again and behind Glamoč the sea condition worsens since sirocco waves arrive here from Žut Channel and mix with the ones we are sailing on. Add to this the waves from numerous tourist ships bringing visitors to Kornati national part and the result is a sea that looks like the boiling water in a pot. Later in Lavdara Channel we are surprised to see that most of the bigger sailboats sailing in opposite direction (close reaching) have reefed sails while we don't even think of reefing them. We pass near Sail and continue to Zaglav to buy gas. In front of Zaglav the wind strength increases suddenly so we decide to go to the Sali harbor immediately. Surprise, once we turn in the wind we realize how strong the wind is and how big the waves are. We return in the 1 mile distant Sail using the outboard motor, to avoid loosing too much time close hauling. We dock behind the big pier. Since we were here the last time, the change of the atmosphere is astonishing. It's pretty lively, cafes and restaurants are open. Sirocco ended with rain.



After the morning coffee we head to Zaglav to buy gas and then continue slowly in direction of Cape Parda, the southernmost point of Island Iž. We sail around Cape Parda and anchor in the bay Vodenjak, protected from the southern winds by the islet Školjić ("Small Rock"). We swim in the sea, the water is beautifully warm. Then we continue to village Iž Mali which is not so nice so we just pass by, between island Knežak and Iž and then to village Iž Veli, where we dock in a local marina. We go for a walk to the nearby village Drage. In the afternoon we follow a path and climb almost to the top of the hill Korinjak, from where there is a magnificent view over islands Rava and Dugi otok. In the evening we find an excellent restaurant.

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