Sailing in Adriatic

Sailing in Adriatic • Trogir - Šolta

Today we must fill the fuel tank, otherwise we won't get too far. We head to Trogir. After some waiting in front of the gas station we dock and start filling the gas. And when *we* fill the gas, the others wait. And for a long time! As soon as we sail out we realize that Željka forgot something at the gas station so we dock in the nearby ACI marina to let Željka go and get what she forgot. Now we can move on, around Cape Okrug in the bay Sv. Fumija. After a swim we sail through the Split Channel to the bay Nečujam on island Šolta. It's pretty crowded here, vessels from nearby Split come to spend a nice sunny day here. We have a lunch and a swim, and than sail back to Drvenik Veli, where we anchor in the bay Solinska. Here we find a couple of inexperienced sailors on a big sailboat that remained ashore due to the low tide. Well, they'll spend the night here with us.

sailingDrvenik Veli (Solinska)

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