Sailing in Adriatic

Sailing in Adriatic • DrvenikVeli - Marina

We sail to the south, near Cape Konj ("Horse") and Cape Ploča ("Plate"). We anchor for a swim right behind Cape Ploča, near rock Melevrin. Then we navigate towards Arkanđel ("Archangel") and Drvenik Mali. We anchor in front of Drvenik Mali and have another swim. Then we sail to Drvenik Veli where we dock at the main pier. We go to the shop to buy food. As it's already late afternoon we sail along the eastern side of Drvenik looking for a good anchorage. Before reaching islets Krknjaši we set course to north, towards the Bay of Trogir, and then westwards to bay Marina. On the southern side of the bay we find a small cove adequate for anchoring. The sea is opaque and we can't see its bottom so we keep an eye on the depth sounder. In the evening we hear the noise of vehicles on the main Croatian coastal road at the opposite side of the bay but otherwise we are completely alone here.


Drvenik Veli

Drvenik Veli

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