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Sailing in Adriatic • Kornati

Today it's a great day to visit the Kornati national park. Close to the bay Čušćica there is Mala Proversa strait, a 20 m wide and 4 m deep passage, marked with two green and two red buoys on each side. After having passed through it we avoid a marked low rock and sail towards Cape Vidilica, the southernmost part of Dugi otok. Behind Cape Vidilica we sail close to the flat, 10 meters high and round rock Taljurić, and then around islets V. and M. Garmenjak, admiring the steep cliffs at the western side of Dugi Otok. We approach the cliffs and anchor for a swim in the bay Lučica ("Small port"). After the swim we sail back south just under the cliffs and at Cape Vidilica set course to island Vela Sestrica ("Big sister"), with a lighthouse on it. We sail close to Šilo V. and Šilo M., than stop behind Šilo M. for another swim, anchoring in the shallow sea. Then we sail around islet Tovarnjak ("Island of donkeys") avoiding the nearby rock. Many sailboats are sailing against the wind (mistral is blowing). Here, close to islands Sušica and Levrnaka, the wind is somewhat stronger than elswhere because it accelerates between Levrnaka and island Kornat (the biggest island in the national park, on its eastern edge). First we go in the bay Modri bok ("Blue bay") and than towards island Rašip M. We admire the steep cliffs on its western side. The depth sounder in the first moment indicates the depth of 10 meters and than the depth suddenly drops to 80 meters - the steep cliffs continue their drop well bellow the sea surface! Paying attention to an unmarked underwater reef in front of Rašip M. we navigate in direction of bay Lopatica on the island Kornat and there we anchor. Although it is already getting dark, the mistral is still pretty strong, so we anchor again on a better protected location in the same bay. Te wind dies out later in the evening. Nobody shows up to charge us the fee for the entrance in the national park. Good night.

sailingKornat (Lopatica)

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