Sailing in Adriatic

Sailing in Adriatic • Žut - Dugiotok

In the morning we look at those cages and think that maybe we could catch some fish in them? There are so many of these cages all over the Adriatic that I wonder if we ever eat fish that swam freely in the sea? We sail near island Luški and Cape Žman towards island Krknata. Here we anchor for a swim between Krknata and islet Krava ("Cow"). A mile away there is a gas station in Zaglav so we stop there. We have trouble filling the gas. The hole for the gas on the boat being very small, when we try to fill the gas the sensor on the gas tube activates and interrupts the flow of gas. The only solution is to fill the gas extremely slowly. It takes us 10 minutes for 30 liters of gas! Luckily no one is waiting for the gas behind us. We sail out, then around the long protection pier and head for Sali. Sali is the biggest village on Dugi Otok (~1000 inhabitants). We dock in the harbor right in front of a shop where we buy bred and other things. From Sali we navigate through Lavdara Channel in direction of Kornati archipelago. We pass between islets Trimulić and Trstikovac on our port side and Glamoč on starboard and enter in the Bay of Žut. The wide bay with ACI marina at its end and a few smaller bays does not impress us, so we turn back towards Glamoč, pass along its southern side and sail along island Gornja Aba ("Upper Aba" - upper means eastern because that's where the sun rises) into the bay Čušćica on the southern end of Dugi Otok. We anchor here, with two other sailboats. Soon a third one comes in but, having trouble archoring properly, leaves the bay. The traffic in front of the bay is pretty dense because this is the main entrance route to the Kornati national park.

sailingDugi Otok (Čušćica)

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Sailing in Adriatic: Sailing in Adriatic • Kornati
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