Sailing in Adriatic

Sailing in Adriatic • Pantera - Rava

Here on the island Molat we are on the northernmost point of our trip. Now we start the navigation back to the south. We first go to the village Molat to buy some fresh bread. We sail around the southeastern extension of Molat and pass through V. Žaplo strait, between Tun Mali and Tun Veli and sail into Sedmovraće ("The seven doors sea" - there are seven straights that lead into/out of Sedmovraće). A "heroic" catamaran is just exiting from Sedmovraće into Virsko more ("Sea of Vir": the part of Adriatic between islands Ist and Molat on the western, and island Vir on the eastern side) passing between Tun Mali and Tun Veli, through a shallow passage where only very small boats and those who don't care for their boats navigate (the catamaran is probably chartered). We enter into Bay of Brgulje and then in the bay Lučina, in the extremity of which the port of village Molat is located. We carefully dock and go to a small shop in the harbor where we buy some food. We leave Molat and pass through the strait Maknare on the western side of Sedmovraće. The mistral is rising. We sail NW of Dugi Otok ("Long island"), towards the wreck of a ship on small islets Lagnići, to see the wreck from close-up. We came as close to it as we could, but as we are now on the open sea, the waves became bigger and as our boat is not too stable on bigger waves, when a side wave hits us we hear the big mess in the cabin - our stuff flying all over it.

So we decide to give up and sail into the bay Solišćica and than enter the SE part of the lagoon Pantera, behind the islet Baričevac. Željka goes on the bow to drop the anchor. We don't manage to anchor properly, she complains that something is not right, the anchor doesn't hold the soil, she cannot pick the anchor up... What the hell, I go to the bow and Željka comes back at the steering wheel. I pull the anchor line - strong resistance. I watch with more attention and realize that the boat is moving backwards. How come? I thought that that was the wind that pushed us backwards, but actually it's our propeller the one that is pushing the boat. I see the rocks on the coast close behind the boat, so I shout to Željka to add more power and to move the boat away from the rocks. The engine emits a loud sound but nothing else happens - we are still approaching the coast. I run in the cabin and grasp the throttle lever. It's a strange lever that needs to be pushed aside to get into gear and only than can the throttle be added. We were 10 meters from the rocks when the boat finally decides to move away from them. There is something wrong with this lever because when we were in neutral the propeller shouldn't have been turning and yet it did. Everything is not perfect with this boat and in the future we will have to take that into account.

We give up anchoring in Pantera and go back to Solišćica, to the very end of the bay. Here we pass close to a wrack of a boat and than turn back north. We navigate between islets Golac ("Nude island" - there is no vegetation on it) and Bršćak in Sedmovraće. Between these two islets there is a 3 m shallow spot, but as the depth of our boat is only 0,6 m we don't have to worry about it. We go further south, approach the village Zverinac on the island bearing the same name, and than navigate along Dugi otok, V. and M. Planatak, village Bokašin, and than we pass between island Utra and Dugi Otok into the bay Lučina. The buoys are anchored here, but as we don't want to pay for the buoy we continue further south in the bay Brbinj. There are buoys in this bay too, close to the coast. In the center of the bay it's too deep to anchor. Next village on our way is Savar and then we approach the island Rava. In front of Rava numerous sailboats are anchored and there is no place for us. It's getting dark so we turn on the navigation lights and cross back from Rava to Dugi otok where we find a small bay, V. Žalo ("Big beach") with two cages in which the fish is fed. We observe the depth sounder when approaching because it's dark and we see absolutely nothing in front of us. We anchor at a depth of 8 m. This is the strangest anchorage yet. It's 22:00. The night is calm, we hear people laughing and the music playing on the nearby Rava. On the sea one can hear everything.

sailingDugi Otok (Velo Žalo)

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