Sailing in Adriatic

Sailing in Adriatic • Ugljan - Molat

We get up pretty early because it's already bright day at 07:00 and it's a pity to stay in bed when we can sail out. We sail along the eastern coast of island Iž and pass near the village Iž Mali, islet Knežak, village Iž Veli and than we cross the strait Srednji kanal ("Middle Channel") back to the west coast of island Ugljan. We anchor in the bay Prtljug. The mistral is already blowing moderately and we stay here just the time it takes to have a cup of coffee because no one of us desires to swim in the cold water. Thereafter we continue through the strait of Rivanj (the strait separating islands Sestrunj and Rivanj) towards island Molat. As there are already many sailboats anchored in the bay Jazi we choose to anchor a bit further north, in front of the small harbor where residents of Brgulje, the village up on the hill, keep their boats. The sun is disappearing behind the horizon and the evening is calm. Before going to sleep we turn on the alarm on the depth sounder. The idea is to be alarmed in the case that wind and waves in the night, due to bad anchoring, push the boat in shallow water. Well the monkey did just that. We forgot to take into account the low tide factor and that the boat circles somewhat around the anchor.

sailingMolat (Jazi)

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