Sailing in Adriatic

Sailing in Adriatic • Ugljan

Early in the morning the boat owner arrives on a small sailboat. In one hour the problem is solved. We thank him and sail out around the southern cape of Pašman. Here we stop for a swim in a small bay Zaklopica.


The sea is not cold anymore - better said, it's right what it takes for a pleasant swim. We go to Biograd to fill the gas for the last time. After filling the tank we anchor near islet V. Dužac for another swim and then we continue between islets Babac and the village Pašman to the village Ždrelac, where we anchor in a spacious sandy bay. After the swim and the lunch we navigate near island Ugljan until we reach islet Galovac, right in front of the city Preko. Here we are 20 minutes from Zadar, so we stay here for the night.

sailingUgljan (Galovac)

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