Sailing in Adriatic

Sailing in Adriatic • Murter - Arta - Vrgada

In the morning we are woken up by the noise on the dock. In fact, we docked right on the place where some sand has been unloaded and now here is a tractor loading this sand. The boat is dirty and covered with sand. We sail out as soon as we can. We sail along the NE side of island Prvić and then between islands Logorun and Tijat we meet dolphins for the second time. We sail close to the mainland all the way to the island Murter where we anchor for a swim near islet Hrbošnjak. Guys in speed-boats seem not to have anything better to do than to run at full throttle very close to our anchored boat, so we have to pay extra attention not to be hit by one of them when we swim in the sea. After the refreshment we sail near Murter and then to islets Žminjak and Radelj. The sea is opaque and very shallow here. We are very careful when passing between these small islets. We anchor south of Arta Mala. After having lunch we continue our way towards Arta Vela and Murvenjak. It's late afternoon, so we start looking for a good anchorage. The islands are quite low and small here. We sail all around Vrgada and on its NE side we find a small bay where we spend the night.


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