Sailing in Adriatic

Sailing in Adriatic • Zlarin - Tijat - Prvić

In the morning we realize that there is a shop near the coast. To avoid docking in the small and crowded port of Primošten and then going on foot all the way to the shop, I jump in the sea and swim to the shore, which is not far away. All wet, I go in the shop, buy what we need, put that in a nylon sack and than swim back to the boat keeping the sack well above the surface of the sea. After the breakfast we sail to the north, towards island Tmara, and than anchor between islets M. and V. Krbela.

Krbela Mala

Krbela Mala

After a swim we sail near the green island Zlarin and than set course to the Channel Sv. Ante. At the entrance to the channel we pass close to the old fortress. The channel is very crowded because it is the entry point to Šibenik, river Krka and Skradin (Skradin itself being the entry point to the national park Krka). The sea in the channel is green and opaque. Near the city of Šibenik we sail on the river Krka in direction of Lake Prokljansko. Many motor-boats speed on the river (although the speed is limited to 5 knots) and create unpleasant side waves. The navigation is becoming more and more boring so we decide to give up and turn back to the sea.

Tvrđava na ulazu u kanal Sveti Ante

Tvrđava na ulazu u kanal Sveti Ante

Once out of Sv. Ante Channel we sail to the village Zlarin. We anchor NW of the village. Moderate mistral is blowing. Here and there a speed boat passes by, creating waves that make the plates on the table fly all over the cabin (we are having lunch).



After the lunch we head to island Prvić ("First Island"), but as it's still quite early, near islet Lupac we decide to go first to island Tijat and have a swim in the bay Tijašćica. We also planned to spend the night here, but as the clouds on the sky became darker we choose to go to the village Prvić Luka on island Prvić. Instead of anchoring in the port we decide to dock in the SW part of the bay, just opposite the port. Here we're not too close to the center of the village but it's still quite good here. We have a walk around the small bay and dine in a restaurant. A little luxury will do just fine! The storm we feared of never occured, the black clouds simply disappeared. We have a really good sleep.

sailingPrvić Luka

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