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Boarding the ferryDeparture from KristiansandHirthals, port in DanmarkGrenen, DenmarkGrenen, DenmarkGrenen, DenmarkGrenen, Denmark

Denmark and return

The voices and the noise of camper engines wake us up. The vehicles ahead of us start moving slowly. They travel with the company ColorLine, which departs at 8:00. Our company is FjordLine, departing at 8:45. Soon, the ramp in front of us opens. We show the operator our printed reservation confirmation (we bought the ticket in advance on Internet). After having passed through the entrance we stop on a large plateau with marked lanes for boarding. The vehicles are still embarking on ColorLine's ship. It all happens swiftly, over large hydraulic platforms. ColorLine's ship sails out and the boarding on our ship begins. Because of the height, campers embark the last. We park the camper and climb the stairs to the saloon. It's large and beautifully decorated, with an upper floor where those who paid the higher class have a breakfast buffet. On the aft of the ship there's a small platform from which we watch Kristansand while the ship is leaving the port. The ship is powered by strong propulsion motors. After an hour of sailing we overtake ColorLine's ship. Our ship is faster, so it takes only 2:45 hours to arrive to Hirthals in Denmark. The sea close to Denmark is very shallow, so even far from the coast we already see the sea bottom.

We disembark quickly and turn onto the road to Grenen, the north-easternmost point of Denmark. It's sunny, but moderate wind is blowing. We drive on an endlessly straight road and pass through several small towns. There's more and more sand next to the road. We stop at the parking lot at the end of the road, near a big lighthouse. In this area there are several massive bunkers remaining from the World War II. We walk near one of the bunkers and then keep walking on the shore. In front of us stretches a long and narrow peninsula, low and covered with sand. It takes us half an hour to reach its end, where two ocean currents collide. It's interesting to see the waves coming from left and right of the peninsula and collide violently on its top. In the whole area swimming is prohibited due to strong currents (if someone ever wished to swim in this cold sea). We walk back to the parking lot, with an annoying wind blowing directly in our faces. We drive southbound on the eastern coast of Denmark, pass through Frederikshavn and then turn on the highway. What follows is a very long drive through Denmark and Germany, to Markt Schwaben, where we arrive around 5:00 the following day. That leaves us with only a few hours of sleep, after which we return the camper with 5000 kilometers of route behind us. A little later, now in our car, we stop at a rest area on the highway and sleep a few more hours in the car, before we continue through Austria and Slovenia and finally arrive home.

We tried to make good photographs during the trip, but they only partly depict all the beauty of Norway. Norway simply has to be experienced...

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