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Southern Norway

In the morning we finally see clearly where we've spent the night. Straight out, as far as the eye can see, the terrain is flat. What a contrast to the fjords just 50 km north of us. Some people pass riding horses. We have breakfast and then return on the road 44, which continues to the east, at a distance of a few kilometers from the coast. We turn on the secondary road leading to a small port. The sea coast here is quite unattractive, with large rounded stones. Near the sea there are many fields with cows grazing, some of them even stepping into the cold Norwegian Sea. Road 44 continues eastwards, between rocky hills and numerous lakes. In Egersund we stop to buy some food. The local shop is well stocked. On foot we walk over pedestrian crossings without even looking at the cars, no one does it anyway (I don't know what would happen if a tourist unaware of the Norwegian driving culture rushed by...). In Lyngdal we turn on the road 43, and then on the road 460 to Lindesnes lighthouse. After half an hour of fatiguing ride on the windy road we arrive at the parking lot, where several campers are parked. A little farther is the entrance to the area of the lighthouse. They charge for the entrance - the "ticket" exists in the form of a label attached to the jacket of the visitor (or whatever he wears). We climb up to the lighthouse and enjoy the panorama. We are located on the (almost) southernmost point of Norway (only a few small islands some 20 km east of Lindesnes are located even farther to the south). As is indicated on the parking lot, here we are located exactly 2518 kilometers from Nordkapp, the destination of almost all tourists who decide to take a long journey to the extreme north of Norway.

On the way back from Lindesnes we stop on a beautiful sandy beach. Were the sea here some ten degrees warmer, it would be a real summer destination (actually it is a destination, but only for Norwegians). We arrive in Kristansand in the afternoon. Kristansand is the town and harbor from which we'll sail by ferry to Denmark tomorrow. We park in the center of the city. We have dinner and then take a walk to the nearby marina. The price of mooring in marina is so far the only price comparable to those on the Croatian coast (!). As our cell phone batteries are almost empty, to be sure not to get up too late tomorrow, we go to the entrance to the ferry port and park the camper there. In the evening we have a little walk through the harbor and watch the ships.

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