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After the coffee we drive along the eastern coast of Sorfjord. On the other side of the fjord the clouds are breaking, showing us a beautiful sight over snow-covered mountain peaks. From time to time we pass near a waterfall. Near Kinsarvik we stop at a parking lot on the coast of the fjord and have breakfast. Then, we pass the industrial city of Odda and continue through a valley with a lake. We pass by waterfall Espelandsfoss, and shortly afterwards we stop near waterfall Latefossen. A huge quantity of water loudly descends in two waterfalls, then down under a stone bridge into a river. We drive through the river valley and after an hour we reach the long lake Suldalsvatnet. The lake is calm, surrounded by steep green hills. The hills look more like those on Polynesian islands than as a part of Norway. After several tunnels and an hour of driving along the lake we emerge at the coast of Sandsfjord. We cross the bridge above the ending of a small fjord and in the next village on the coast we have to stop because of roadworks. A woman in a bright yellow overall explains us that the road is closed and that we have to wait for an hour and half before it's reopen for traffic. We park the camper and spend this extra time to have a coffee and a stroll in the small harbor. Finally it's warm, for the first time since we're in Norway we have short sleeves on! After the road is reopened we drive slowly on the gravel road, while all around us the construction machinery is still working on the road. There's no time for a break in construction, the summer is the time when there are works all over Norway and as there's no dark night in Norwegian summer, the works are performed day and "night". We arrive in Nesvik, where we board the ferry to Hjelmeland, on the southern coast of Josenfjord. An hour's drive along the numerous lakes and the coast of Hogsfjord follows. Hogsfjord separates us from Stavanger (behind which there's only the Atlantic Ocean).

Shortly before Oanes we turn onto a narrow road that climbs up to Hollesli, where we park the camper. This is the starting point for a two-hour trekking route to Prekestolen ("Pulpit") - high cliffs above the northern coast Lysefjord. It's already 19:00 and people are returning from Prekestolen. We make sandwiches (= today's dinner), put them in our pockets and start the trek through a forest. It's obvious that it rained not long ago, but the stones on which we walk are somehow not slippery at all, so we progress safely. The path continues through a kind of "swamp", where the path is built of wooden planks, fixed just above the swamp. A sharp climb over some awkward stones follows, and then we reach a plateau with two mountain lakes. Here the path branches in one that leads over the hill and other that leads over the cliff. We choose the one over the hill. Thick low clouds are just above our heads (clouds perhaps not even that low as we are high?). We hope it won't rain, we do have raincoats but still we'd like to avoid the rain. We cross a mountain plateau and descend on the other side, down to a 25 x 25 meters wide plateau of Prekestolen. Although it's already quite late and cloudy, the view from Prekestolen is magnificent. We take photographs and wander among the few remaining visitors. Then we head back, but this time we choose the path over the rocks. It takes us around the hill and it's not much more difficult than the one over the hill. Shortly before 23:00 we're back on the parking lot. The parking is to be paid at the exit ramp, with a credit card or coins. As the credit card reader doesn't seem to work we call the phone number written on the device. A lady on the other end of the phone says she'll remotely open the ramp and that we won't have to pay anything. We're waiting and waiting, but the ramp doesn't open. I call her again and she says that the remote opening system doesn't work and that I'll have to go to a nearby hotel to get some coins (we have bills and not enough coins to pay). After ten minutes I'm back with coins and finally we manage to get out of the parking lot.

We descend to the main road and continue driving to Oanesa, where we board the ferry to Lauvvik, on the southwest side of Hogsfjord. On the ferry we watch the sun set over the fjord. From Lauvvik we continue along the road which first follows the coast of the fjord and then climbs up in the hills to Sandnes. Sandnes is a bit bigger city than those through which we passed the previous day, but here we don't manage to find a suitable place to park the camper and spend the night. With difficulty we find the exit to road 44 to Bryne and the southwest coast of Norway. More construction works follow on the road. It's already midnight and we have to wait 15 minutes before we're finally allowed to continue. We turn on a side road and stop near a small forest close to the beach (we can't see the beach, but there's a sign indicating that the beach is close). In front of us, in the twilight, we can only see a large field. We're very tired, so after a shower we quickly fall asleep...

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