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Norwegian fjords

After having woken up, we continue in direction of Lom, a nice town at the intersection of roads. We have very little water remaining in the tank and the warning signal beeps all the time; we don't know how to turn it off. We stop to buy fuel at a gas station. Fuel prices in Norway vary from station to station. The difference in price can be up to 10% - the fuel is generally cheaper in the south, near major cities, and more expensive here where we are now, in the region of fjords. For trucks and tractors there's a special "tax free" diesel, but this one can't be used for campers. At the gas station the water is sold too – one inserts a coin in the machine and gets water for 5 minutes. Enough to fill a 70 liter tank. Željka walks to a nearby bakery to buy bread. Bakery products are at least twice as expensive as in Croatia, but the quality is much better. While still in Lom, we use the opportunity to have a walk around the local church.

From Lom we drive on the road 55 in the southwestern direction. We drive through a valley and then climb in the heights. On our left side there is National Park Jotunheimen. We stop at a parking lot with a lookout spot and have breakfast (breakfast usually means our excellent home-made sausages we brought from Croatia). Then we drive farther along a lake. Everywhere around us, even on the road, sheep are wondering around. Because of the incessant rain they look as white as if they just got out of a washing machine. Every now and then we pass near a waterfall. There is more and more of snow along the road, until we pass through a small gorge made of snow. After a ridge we descend down a winding road towards Lustrafjord. The greenish water of the lake is perfectly calm, reflecting the picture of surrounding hills. We cross over the hills and descend to the village Sogndal, on the shore of the fjord Sognefjord. Here the road 5 in direction to Laerdalsoyri branches, for those who want to go through the 25 km long tunnel Laerdals to Aurland, or to a scenic mountain road over the same mountain. Instead, we're going to the west, driving along the coast of fjord Sognefjord. In the port of Helli we almost board the (wrong) ferry to Dragsvik (this one sails westwards), instead of the ferry to Vagnsnes (which crosses to the southern coast of Sognefjord). My road map at a scale of 1: 800000 sometimes just isn't accurate enough, due to winding fjords it's quite difficult to read... In Vagnsnes we stop at the coast of the fjord. We lunch, having a beautiful view to the waterfall on the northern side of the fjord (where we drove by an hour ago). The weather is nice, a real wonder! After the lunch we continue down the road to Vikoyri, where another climb on the mountain starts. Lakes with floating ice are around us, and the sky is now covered with a dense layer of clouds. We descend from the mountain. On the way to Granvin we see numerous waterfalls. We like most the waterfall Tvinnefoss, with numerous small cascades. Just before Granvin the road 13 passes through a long tunnel, from which we exit on the shore of Eidfjord. A few kilometers further we arrive in Bruravik, where we wait for the ferry to Brimnes. I ask the employee that sells ferry tickets about "tele-pay" tolls we occasionally see on main roads – she tells us that we don't have to pay anything. Who knows, probably only vehicles registered in Norway pay the toll?

We cross Eidfjord with ferry and instead of continuing on the road, we turn to the road 7 (eastwards). We arrive to the end of the fjord, where the city Ovre Eidfjord is located. It's the starting point of a long winding road, first through a canyon with a river, and then through a long tunnel. We drive very slowly because the road is very rough and the tires make a lot of noise, while the tunnel sharply winds all the time... Upon leaving the tunnel we stop on a parking lot. We walk for a few minutes to the viewpoint over the waterfall Voringfossen (these are actually two waterfalls, one next to another). There are clouds above the waterfall, so we don't see much (otherwise the view from here should be excellent). After visiting another viewpoint we go back to the camper and then descend slowly through the long tunnel. Upon exiting the tunnel we park along the shore of the fjord. In front of us there's a small tunnel near the fjord, and on its outer side is the old road. Wherever in Norway the tunnel was made, old roads around the tunnel were left for pedestrians and bicycles. So here we go for an evening walk along the banks of a fjord. The surface of the water is perfectly still, the clouds broke and a beam of sunlight shines on a part of the fjord, producing wonderful colors. After the walk we drive to Brimnes, and then continue on the road 13. We stop at a small parking near the road, from where we can see not only Eidfjord, but also the strait through which we see Utnefjord. Around midnight it's still so bright that we could read a newspaper. We have a drink in the camper, with breathtaking view over the fjords...

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