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Driving through Germany

The breakfast is excellent, we eat as much as we can. We pay the accommodation and leave the hotel. The rain had finally stopped, it's partly cloudy. We drive some ten kilometers further to Markt Schwaben. We brought with us the food for next seven days all the way from Croatia (that way it was much easier to buy everything we need), except water, drinks, bread and a few other things that we'll buy here in Markt Schwaben. Around noon we arrive at the depo of the company with which we have booked a camper. We got a brand new Fiat camper, 6 meters long. Its odometer shows merely 500 km. A company employee explains to us how to handle the camper: the gas, water, shower, toilet, water heating, heating of the interior with a small diesel engine and all other things we need to know... As they have an enclosed parking lot for client vehicles, that's where we park the car and transport all our stuff in the camper.

Finally we start the voyage. We're slowly getting used to drive such a large vehicle (large for us who drive only cars), but we're doing fine. We return to the Munich ring road and already on its northern junction we get in a huge traffic jam. After half an hour the jam finally clears and we continue the long drive in direction of Nurnberg, Kassel, Hannover and Hamburg. On the largest part of the highway there's no speed limit, so we progress quickly, except on a segment with only two lanes in each direction, where overtaking the trucks slows the traffic down a lot. We drive near the huge port of Hamburg and then through the tunnel under the river Elbe. About 23:00 we pass the road branch to Kiel and soon we stop at a rest area. The rain is falling again. We put the sheets and blankets on the bed (we brought our own sheets and blankets because otherwise there's an additional charge for them) and finally go to sleep.

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