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We drive by car through Austria. Every now and then it rains. We exploit one period without rain to quit the highway to Salzburg and turn to the local road leading to the valley with small Lake Almsee. Visitors here are almost nonexistent. After a short walk along the coast of the greenish lake we drive to the nearby town of Gmunden, on Lake Traunsee. We dinner in a cafe-restaurant on the coastal promenade. The selection of food is limited, so we decide to have pasta and salad. As a huge black cloud settled above the lake, we barely managed to reach the car before it started to rain again. An hour later, on a highway in Bavaria (Germany), a big storm arrives. The rain begins to fall with such intensity that the visibility on the road falls to barely ten meters, so we quit the highway in a hurry and wait some twenty minutes for the storm to pass. Around 23:00 we arrive in Parsdorf, a small town next to the Munich ring road junction Munich East (München Ost), in direction of Passau. At this time the hotel is closed, but as we booked in advance we have the PIN for the device at the entrance to the hotel, in which the room keys for late-arriving guests are kept. We got a nice and comfortable room. We chose this hotel because it is located near the place where we'll rent a camper tomorrow (Markt Schwaben), and the price of the hotel is reasonable (not often the case in Germany). As two drinks from the mini-bar in the room are free (!) we enjoy two good German beers. The rain continues to fall...

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