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03:00 in Iceland...
03:00 in Iceland...

We wake up at 02:00 (we didn't sleep *too* well but at least we've had a rest). We wash in the creek (the water temperature was freezing clod). We are enjoying the longest days of the year - there's no real night, it's just pretty dark.

We drive further and near Reykjavik we see quite a lot of police on the road. It seems that Icelanders like to drink a bit (no wonder, with a winter with days that offer no more than 4 hours of sunlight daily).

In 06:00 we arrive at the airport and park the car after our 2000 km long route. The car is so dirty that it's not possible to read the registration plate. In 07:45 we have a flight to Paris. Bye-bye Iceland!

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