In the morning the city of Rhodes looked much less impressive, we missed the lights on its massive walls. We went to the port where we wanted to take the catamaran to Kos. Catamaran is a fast boat, but the ticket for it is twice as expensive (25€) as the one for the ferry. One sailor tied the Greek flag on the catamaran in a node. The reason for this is that we'll pass through Turkish territorial sea on our way to Kos (we'll pass just a few hundred meters from the Turkish coast).

City of Kos
City of Kos

Soon we arrive on Kos, the other mass-tourist destination in this part of Greece. Island Kos is located only 5 km from the Bodrum Peninsula in Turkey. Many tourist boats sail every morning from Kos to Bodrum, returning in the afternoon, and the Turkish boats coming from Bodrum do the same, just in opposite direction. We went to find a rental agency in the city centre. No one wanted to rent us a car for 24 hours; everyone demanded we return the car before 9:00, although at the moment it was already past noon. Their main customers seem to be tourists arriving from Bodrum, and they arrive around 9:00. So we accepted this condition and agreed to phone to the agency if we wanted to extend the rental for an additional day. We drove south, where the biggest beaches are.

A little before the village Agios Stefanos in the south of the island, we stopped near some apartments on the top of a hill with a superb view over the beach and the sea, but as they've been priced at about 50€ we gave up and found accommodation in an unsigned tourist facility where main customers were, as we could here, the British. On the door of the room there were information for the guests, all in the style: "you won't get new toilet paper once you use the one you got". This sound like "flight & accommodation" arrangements for 99 pounds...

A beach on Kos
A beach on Kos

As it got very hot we descended the hill to the Kefalos Bay, a bay with numerous beaches. In reality all these beaches make a 5 km long beach with nice sand. We chose the Paradise Beach and jumped in the sea. Surprise, the sea was not as warm as it was on Crete! On the contrary, it was coldish. As the day was really hot we didn't mind the sea temperature.

After an afternoon on the beach we drove to Kefalos, a village on the other side of the bay, on the hill overlooking the nearby volcanic island Nisyros. Then we returned to Agios Stefanos where we found a good tavern. I can't remember what we ate there, but we were very happy with it. In the evening we left for Kardamena, a tourist village with no particular interest, except for those who wish to spend the night in one of numerous Irish pubs. We went back to the apartment but couldn't sleep because of some strange noise (like a giant washing machine?!). I went to sleep on the balcony while Željka decided to stay in the bed.

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