Crete (Xerokambos, Agios Nikolaos)

Today we decided to give Xerokambos another try. We'll drive through Ziros, where the road should be in better condition. We've lost half an hour in Sitia trying the find the road to Ziros. Once on the right road, we drove to Ziros where the locals indicated us the road to Xerokambos. There were many goats near and on the road, so we drove slowly.

Xerokambos beach
Xerokambos beach

When we crossed a hill we saw Xerokambos far down the other side of the hill - a long stretch of yellow sand with a green-colored sea. Xerokambos is a village spread in all directions but in reality quite small. We turned off the main road and approached the beach. The beach is beautiful, with small sand dunes on the coast. And there are other similar beaches all around this one. After we've had enough of swimming and sunbathing we went for a lunch.

Agios Nikolaos
Agios Nikolaos

We returned to Sitia and had a shower. We decided to pay a visit to Agios Nikolaos. We drove in direction of the Lasithi Plateau, where there are some 7000 old windmills. As the sky was getting darker (due to black clouds) we decided not to climb to Lasithi Plateau. We drove on a road that passed near Agios and then we went in direction of Elunda. Before Elunda we went to the Kolokytha peninsula where we expected to see some underwater ruins, but didn't find them. Instead we found an uninspiring beach. We didn't want to have a swim here so we went further north and stopped for a coffee at a hotel terrace. From the terrace we've had a nice view on Spinalonga, an islet where terminally ill people lived (and died) until 1953.

On our way to Agios Nikolaos we stopped in a tourist village on the coast and had a dinner. We arrived in the lively Agios, where we enjoyed the walk near the lake Vulismeni in the center of the town. Although having a diameter of only 150 m, the lake is 64 m deep. Today it's connected to the sea by an artificial channel.

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