Athens - Acropolis
Athens - Acropolis

In the morning we're in Pireus where we leave ship for the last time on this trip. We take the metro and get in the centre of Athens to find some accommodation. The sun is already high and it's very hot. We find many hotels but the majority of them has no free rooms. One so-so looking hotel offered us a room for 70€ and we took it. We leave our backpacks in the room and go to visit Acropolis. Acropolis is packed with tourists. After having roamed a bit around Parthenon we descend down a street full with small hotels and cafes. We sit on a terrace and enjoy the view over Acropolis.

We spend the evening strolling through the upscale Kolonaki quarter (close to Sintagma). Piles of trash on the streets witness that the communal companies are in strike. We climb on the Lykavittos hill, with a nice night view over Athens (there is a funicular here, but we find it more interesting to climb up).

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