Milos (Provatas)

Milos - Hivadolimni beach
Milos - Hivadolimni beach

In the morning we find out that the ship managed to dock earlier in the day, as the wind weakened. We drive to the northeast and arrive in Pollonia, a small tourist settlement located exactly opposite the neighboring island Kimolos. We continue on the dirt road towards something that is supposedly a nice beach. Vudia is a bay and a beach located a few km from Pollonia, on the eastern coast of Milos. Unfortunately, it's located right next to a large ore-processing factory. The whole eastern part of Milos is full of open-air mines, *enormous* holes ravaging the countryside. Numerous trucks are speeding on the dirt roads. We soon left this part of the island and went to the big Hivadolimni Beach, located on the southern side of the internal bay of Milos, just south of Adamas. Hivadolimni is a few km long sandy beach. After the swim we had to push the car out of the sand (we parked it on the beach). We tried to reach the Ammudaraki beach on the western coast of Milos, but as the dirt road was getting worse with every kilometer, we decided to give up. We drove to the settlement Zefiria, from where a road leads to Paleohora, an empty tourist village with a big sandy beach. The sea is immediately deep - a few meters from the coast one can't touch the bottom with the feet anymore. Here we're sheltered from the wind and enjoy the swim.

In the late afternoon we come back to Adamas and return the car. We dine on the terrace of a restaurant in the port, sheltered by transparent plastic from the wind. We spend a few hours here because the boat arrives with an important delay. We board the ship and find a place to sleep in the common areas of the passenger deck.

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