Milos (Adamas)

Our today's destination is Milos, an island in western Cyclades (Venus from Milos, sculpture in Louvre, comes from this island). It'll take us five and a half hours of sailing, with stops in Sikinos and rocky Folegandros, to reach Milos. Milos is a "C"-shaped island, with a deep bay in the middle.

Milos - Adamas
Milos - Adamas

On the northern side of the bay is Adamas, a city with almost all the existing accommodation on Milos. Željka found a nice apartment-hotel in the centre of the city. As we intended to spend two days on Milos, we went to find some transportation. I wanted to rent a scooter but the agency required "A" category license for it (which is normally needed only for motors). So we decided to rent a Fiat 600 (which will later prove to be a good decision, considering the fierce wind that will be blowing).

In Adamas there's nothing much to see so we drove into the hills north of Adamas, towards Plaka, the main city on the island. A few settlements are located near Plaka and there are numerous badly signed roads interconnecting them, which will cause us getting lost quite often. There is no orientation in the area, everything looks the same - houses here, houses there...

We drove around Plaka and went in search of beaches. It was getting dark and already a bit late for a swim, but also a bit early for dinner. So we've just been driving around, looking for beaches that we could visit tomorrow. Beyond Plaka, in direction of north, there are a few roads of bad quality. One of them leads to Firopotamos, a shallow sandy beach located at the end of a bay with a few houses, under vertical cliffs. A few kilometers farther north we found Plathiena, a typical sandy beach with lots of sand on the coast. But, after Xerokambos and Milopotas, these (otherwise nice) beaches seemed somehow "inadequate".

The night fell and we returned to Plaka, a city with an old castle on the top of the hill. Due to the enlightenment, the castle is visible from the distance in the night. We chose a small family restaurant. The owner was very verbal - he immediately investigated where we were from and what we were doing on Milos. The octopus in the sauce was excellent. Newspaper articles on the restaurant were glued to the window. One of the articles had a photograph with some strange rock formations. The owner explained us that that was Sarakiniko, a place located a few kilometers east of Plaka. In the evening we returned to Adamas.

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