We packed our luggage and went to the bus terminal. The local bus is respecting the timetable. That's good - we wouldn't like to miss our boat to Ios.

Ios is an island halfway between Naxos and Santorini, a good destination for young Europeans wishing to party (here we come!). The grave of Homer is located on Ios. Ormos, the port where we docked, is located in a deep bay. The small but pleasant Ormos is in reality nothing more than the port of Hora, a city 2 km up the hill. We found accommodation in Ormos (we've got a 5-bed room!).

Ios - Milopotas beach
Ios - Milopotas beach

As the rental agencies were a bit expensive we decided to go to the beach using the local transport. Unfortunately, the buses don't go to the beach (which is located beyond Hora) outside of the summer season, only to Hora. The bus driver explained us how to get to the beach on foot. It took us 15 minutes to reach Milopotas, a huge sandy beach. It's 1 km long and 50 m wide, having a nice *yellow* sand. Even more yellow than Xerokambos! Just for us and a few other tourists. The waves that crash on the beach are high, really *cool* for jumping on them. And that's what we did the next few hours... When we've had enough of the beach we went to a bar on the other side of the road. The bar looked quite *chic* but the tables were not cleaned after former guests. The prices were twice as high as usual but we were hungry, so we stayed. We've been waiting and waiting and the waiter wasn't coming (we saw him pass by). We didn't like this so we went away and found a "fish and chips" restaurant on the other end of the beach.

After some more sunbathing we went back to Hora. It's a city full of white houses (what other color would they be in Greece, anyway?) under and on a hill. On the top of the hill there are a few small churches. We climbed up the hill and watched the sunset. We descended back down and found a pizzeria where we dined. We were the only guests. We went back to Ormos on foot (there's a path from Hora to Ormos).

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