We've had an early morning boat to Naxos. Katapola is the only port where we bought tickets for the boat without having to give our personal information. Normally one has to tell the ticket vendor his/her name, that is then written on the ticket.

Small Cyclades
Small Cyclades

We have once again observed nice Small Cyclades for next 6 hours. At noon we arrived in Naxos, this time with the intention to spend the night here. The city of Naxos is located under the city castle (Kastro). The old city is composed of tiny winding streets in which it's almost obligatory to get lost. In one of these streets we've found an apartment. North of the city there is an ugly bay Grotta, so we rather walked (for quite a long time) to the big sandy beach Agios Georgios on the south of the city. The strong wind and the chilly and shallow water reminded us of Paros.

After the swim we wished to visit some other settlement on the island, like we did on Paros, but we were disappointed to find out that the last bus left at 16:00 and that there is no bus until the next morning. Bus connections are quite bad out of the season. So we went to roam a bit through Naxos, before we found a nice, big and empty restaurant with a view over the harbor. I ordered fish and got such a quantity of fish that I just couldn't eat it all.

We woke up at 01:00 in the dark night because the boat to Santorini was leaving at 02:00. We preferred to arrive on Santorini early in the morning, than late in the afternoon. We were the only passengers that boarded the ship in Naxos! As the boat was an older one, there was plenty of space on the floor to have a nap. Among numerous Japanese, Americans and others... Santorini is not Amorgos; it's one of most famous Greek destinations. With the backpacks under our heads, we've slept for a while, as the ship was sailing towards our destination.

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