Amorgos (Hozoviotissis)

Amorgos - monastry Hozoviotissis
Amorgos - monastry Hozoviotissis

Today we go to visit the monastery Hozoviotissis, the most famous island attraction that became famous in the film "The Big Blue". The monastery is located on the opposite side of the island. According to the timetable, the bus was supposed to leave to Hora, a village located almost on the top of the island, at 10:00. We were waiting on the bus "station", where we met our Scottish friends who also wanted to visit the monastery. Two old buses were parked here but there were no drivers and no timetable. We've been waiting for an hour but no one showed up. The Scotsmen gave up and went to try to find a rent-a-car. We went to ask Nikos what to do. Nikos answered: "Well, maybe the driver is sick or maybe he's taking the kids to the school. Who knows?" He took us to his car and drove us to Hora. On the way up he overtook a small Twingo with our Scotsmen. They stared at us, unable to understand where we got the car. And a driver. We thanked Nikos and found the path from Hora to the monastery. The path descends to a paved road, at the end of which another path starts, ascending to the monastery. Scotsmen arrived with their car. We walked together to the monastery. At the entrance everyone had to have their legs covered. A priest let us in and showed us around. We were offered a raki. The view from the monastery over the cliffs is splendid.

Not far from the monastery we descended on the beach Agia Anna. It's a place with big rocks in and out of the sea, with small, dark pebble beaches among the rocks. We enjoyed the warm sea. After the cold seas of Kos and Paros this was the rebirth of the summer.

When the sun began to set we went back to Hora. After a long day a 400 m climb was not that easy. We walked a bit around Hora - there was no one in the streets. We were waiting on the main street hoping that a bus would show up, but none did. We than decided to walk to Katapola - a few km down the hill shouldn't be a big problem. In a few minutes a car stopped by. The Scotsmen. The driver promised to came back for us after he takes his friends to Katapola. And so it was. When we got back to the apartment we went to see Nikos to pay him the rent and say goodbye. Before we managed to say goodbye we've already had a few rakis down the throat, sipped from an enormous 5-liter bottle... We've spent the evening strolling on the coast of the bay.

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