We packed our backpacks and got ready to leave for Naxos. Naxos is located close to and east of Paros. We hope to continue from Naxos to Amorgos, an island a bit isolated from the main boat routes in Cyclades. In the harbor of Naxos we fought our way through the touts. We realized that the boat to Amorgos leaves in a few hours so we decided to leave for Amorgos the same day.

We spent the time we had before the boat would sail out swimming near the main harbor, in a part protected from waves by a long pier, still far enough from the harbor. The sea was not as cold as it was on Paros. It's a strange sensation to listen to the sound of strong diesel-engines of the ferries passing by, while snorkeling. The symbol of Naxos, Temple of Apolon, is just above the place where we're swimming. However, not much remains of the temple.

At 15:00 the "Skopelitis Express" ferry sailed out of Naxos. After all the big ships we've been sailing on these last days, this is a quite small ferry. When the weather is bad this ferry doesn't sail. The ride to Amorgos will last 6 hours. We're sailing through a group of small islands named Small Cyclades. The boat docked at islands Iraklia, Shinusa and Ano Kufonisi, real small jewels. While sailing near Kufonisi we saw its numerous small sandy beaches. Two Scottish couples boarded the ship on Kufonisi and they told us nice things on Small Cyclades, where they had spent a few days. Like us, they're island-hopping. It was already dark when we approached one of two ports in which we'll dock on Amorgos - Egiali. After leaving Egiali we sailed close to the dark coast of Amorgos. We suddenly approached a shallow spot - as the lights on the ship enlighten the nearby sea, we could see the sea bottom. It was getting shallower and shallower. We reached a depth of a few meters and then the depth increased. We've just passed between Amorgos and the nearby Nikuria, an island that almost touches the coast of Amorgos. The shallow spot above which we passed is just in front of Agia Pavlos, one of the nicest beaches on Amorgos.

Amorgos - Katapola
Amorgos - Katapola

After 20 more minutes of sailing we entered the large bay where Katapola, our destination, is located. It was 21:00 and after a long voyage from Naxos we were happy to feel the ground under our feet. Katapola is a very small place, but spread all around the bay. A few touts waited for the tourists in the harbor. At first we ignored them but then we accepted to see the apartment a lady offered us, 500 m from the port. The owner of the apartment soon arrived with the car, we charged our backpacks and he took us to his house. Nikos, the owner, lives in the basement. The house is nice and the apartment OK. At the entrance we saw the bus timetable, right what we needed to tour the island the next day. In the evening we found a food store "with no working time" (it was well behind 22 hours) and bought something to eat. The principle of functioning of these small shops is always the same: an old man, instead of watching the TV at home, watches it in his shop. If a customer comes, he serves him and then continues watching TV. If he has enough of watching TV, he sits in front of the shop and watches passers by. If he has enough of that, he closes the shop and goes home to sleep.

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