Naussa - Kolimpithres beach
Naussa - Kolimpithres beach

In the morning we went to see if we could hire a car but, as the prices were a bit high, we decided to use the local transport. Near our apartment (in this city everything is near our apartment) there is the main local bus station, that is, a small kiosk and two parked old busses. We boarded the one that was heading to Naussa, a village on the north of the island that was recently transformed from a fishermen's village to a tourist resort. We drove for 10 km through the hilly countryside and then descended towards Plastira Bay, where Naussa is located. Naussa is a village with white stone houses built almost one on another. Most of them are hotels or apartments. Naussa is almost empty; the majority of buildings are closed. We walked back the road for two kilometers to reach Kolimpithres beach.

The beach is sandy and incredibly shallow. One has to walk a few hundred meters to reach the depth of some 30 cm! The sea was ice-cold, the wind fierce and the swim short. Back in the village we found a restaurant near the port, where we ate excellent fresh calamari. In the evening we returned to Parikia and spend the night roaming through narrow winding streets that compose the center of the city.

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