In the morning we see there's a cow under our balcony! We'll spend our third and last day on Kos in the city, because we have to return the car today before 9:00, and our boat sails out at 23:00. The rental agency lady is angry with us. She claims that when a car is rented for two days it has to be returned in the evening of the second day!? Maybe they'd like us to pay and not take the car at all! We didn't like this way of "doing business" so we didn't want to buy boat tickets at her agency. We took our backpacks and went to see the Tree of Hippocrates, under which the famous doctor taught his students. There's not much left of the tree - it's still standing only thanks to a metallic construction that's supporting it.

We've had a walk to the northern part of the town, where a big and unattractive beach starts. Since it's here that we'll spend the rest of the day we paid 2€ per beach chair. Near the beach there's a long line of "fish and chips" restaurants. Since we had our entire luggage with us, we decided to have lunch separately. The restaurant I'll choose will show up to be my worst choice of restaurants in Greece. Here's the scam: you order a Greek salad for 4€, the waiter asks if you want mayonnaise and you agree. But the Greek salad with mayonnaise is in fact some XY salad whose price is 5€. And you'll find that out only when you receive the bill! I didn't pay but I argued fiercely with the waiter. Fortunately this will be my only bad experience in Greek restaurants on our trip. After having spent the whole day on the beach we went to eat in a family tavern - the food was excellent.

Blue Lines ferry
Blue Lines ferry

At 22:45 the "Blue Lines" ferry docks. It has a big display on the stern, with destinations, among which Mykonos. The boat is only one year old and looks inside like a floating hotel. The only disadvantage is that, as the ride to Mykonos lasts only 4 hours we didn't take a cabin (it would cost around 100€) and the space on the decks is organized in such a way that there's no free space to have a nap! I found an installed screen with a nautical map, GPS boat position and all the sailing information on it. We were cruising as 20 knots.

We arrived at Mykonos at 03:00. We had no idea where we were (in fact, we were in a new ferry port, a few km from Mykonos). We've been met by a mother and daughter - room renters. They took us and another couple to their home (at 03:00 in the morning we were not eager to search ourselves for accommodation). Their house was located somewhere between the port and the center of Mykonos. The room was disastrous, the beds were of very bad quality. But as we were very tired we managed to fall asleep.

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