Kos (Tingaki)

Kos - Tingaki beach
Kos - Tingaki beach

In the morning I heard people passing in front of the balcony (we were on the ground floor). However, I've been sleeping well, which wasn't Željka's case. We decided not to spend the second planned night in this "hotel". We tried to reach the rental agency by phone but there was no answer. We'll keep the car for another day. We went to Tingaki, a tourist village on the northern coast of Kos, full of tourist accommodation. We found a C class hotel in which the room didn't look impressive at all, but as it was quite calm here, we took it. Tingaki has a huge sandy beach, from which there is a nice view over island Pserimos. After the bath and the lunch we drove up the hill, to village Zia on Dikeos Mountain, from where we enjoyed the nice view over Kos. Unfortunately, it's here that numerous tourist buses arrive and discharge hordes of tourists. There are many souvenir shops in Zia and as the sellers are very aggressive, we left soon.

We went to the northeast of Kos, to the city Terma Lutra, located in a steeper part of the island, with bad roads and beaches difficult to access. Between Kos and Turkey there are numerous cargo ships passing by. We dined in the city of Kos - we chose a restaurant in the port and the food was good and not too expensive. The port is full of excursion boats, from beautiful sailboats to ships that look like candidates for the replay of Titanic.

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