Trinidad - Playa de Ancon

Today one of my roommates is going on an excursion to the nearby islet Cayo Blanco. There are corals there and he'll do some snorkeling. My other roommate and me are going to the nearby beach Playa de Ancon, some 10 km south of Trinidad (Trinidad is not on the coast). My travel-book says that a bus goes from Trinidad to Playa de Ancon every hour. I go the tourist office to ask for the timetable but there I find out that today there is no bus! OK, let's try to catch the train; it'll be a new experience on Cuba. On the way to the railway station we meet our casa owner and he manages to find a taxi for us. We forget the train and agree to pay 10$ for the transport there and back, payable when he brings us back to Trinidad. Once we arrive on the beach I realize that I've left my baseball cap in the taxi, so I buy a big hat in a local store for 2.50$. It's a windy day so I often run here and there trying to catch the hat that flew away.

Playa de Ancon near Trinidad
Playa de Ancon near Trinidad
The beach: sand, sand and even more sand! The real Caribbean beach, large and endless! We sit in a shade and watch the sea. Its color is not very nice, due to the incoming waves. As we see that on the other end of the beach the sea color is much more attractive we go for a walk on this almost empty beach and find a superb spot under a palm tree. A guy that sells coconuts shows up. It's a real pleasure to drink the coconut milk in this hot day. The taxi driver doesn't show up at the time we agreed to meet. I suppose he liked my baseball cap and decided to keep it! I negotiate with a female taxi driver (that looks like an old blues singer) to take us back to Trinidad for 6$. Her car won't start so she asks other taxi drivers to push it, that it finally starts. What follows is a crazy drive back to Trinidad.

The guy that just came back from Cayo Blanco was very disappointed - there were waves on the sea and the visibility in the sea was zero. In the evening we meet an Italian who married a girl from Trinidad and took her to Italy. Once she got the Italian citizenship, she left him. Now he's paying drinks to some other Cuban girls. He'll never learn...

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