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Advertising tourist accommodation on internet   » example of ad entry (illustration of steps 1-11)
1. For web interface in English, select English language by clicking on the language selection on the top-right corner of the page, near the language flag.
2. Click on the menu "Accommodation list" to display the list of regions.
3. Click on the region where your accommodation is located.
4. Click on the location (city) where your accommodation is located.
5. Click on the link "Add accommodation" (right below the accommodation list).
+ Option: to select a location on the map of the country click on the link "change location" and then click on the icon of the location of your accommodation.
6. Enter the name of the accommodation (names of accommodation units are set after the ad is activated).
7. If you have your own web site, enter its internet address, otherwise leave the field empty.
8. Enter your name and surname.
9. Enter your e-mail address - take care to enter it correctly because this e-mail will be used for communication with you. After the ad is activated you will have the possibility to select a different e-mail for communication with your guests.
10. Read and accept Terms and Conditions.
11. After you have entered all the data click on the button "Save".
12. Immediately after the ad entry you'll receive an e-mail for confirmation of the entry. This confirmation is used for validation of your e-mail: click on the link in the message to confirm your ad (don't reply to the message, it's sent automatically).
Ad activation
Advertising tourist accommodation on internet 1. After the confirmation of the ad, it will be verified and activated.
2. After the activation of the ad, we'll inform you by e-mail and send you an internet address for administration of your ad, and the initial access code. Keep your access code secret to protect your data.
Ad administration
Advertising tourist accommodation on internet 1. Enter in your web browser the address for ad administration you received. Enter the access code and log in. You can change your access code anytime.
2. Accommodation data is divided in several groups. First group contains basic data, second group contains accommodation object data, and every subsequent group contains data for a particular accommodation unit. Every group of data is saved by clicking on the button "Save". It's not possible to save multiple groups at once, only the currently selected group can be saved.
3. The group "Basic data" contains information on the contact person for accommodation reservation, accommodation address, data for display of accommodation location on the geographic map, contact telephone numbers, languages that the contact person speaks and distances from the accommodation object to certain locations (sea, shop...). Type of the map is selected (road map, satellite map, hybrid map or terrain view), as well as the zoom level. Accommodation location on the geographic map can be determined by clicking on "determine location by address" (the address must already have been entered) or by double-clicking on the map. Additional options: display of list of accommodation units, use of reservation form, use of reservation system, voluntarily defined periods for accommodation price determination.
4. In the "Accommodation object" group, type and official classification of the accommodation object is entered, as well as whether the accommodation type is displayed on the list of accommodations for a particular location (city). Accommodation object descriptions in all supported languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian and Croatian) are entered.
5. In the group of data for a particular accommodation unit, one enters the type, name and official classification of the accommodation unit, floor, surface, persons capacity, number of beds for 1/2 persons, price, details of accommodation equipment and accommodation unit descriptions in all supported languages. Accommodation price can be determined by periods or in the min/max range. Depending on the setting in the group "Basic data", the periods for price determination can be calender months or voluntarily defined periods. Price can be calculated per person (instead of per accommodation unit). Price currency can be set. Accommodation units are initially inactive (visitors can't see them); they are activated by clicking on the option "active".
6. By clicking on the button "Administration of photographs", one switches to the page for publishing and modifying photographs of the accommodation object and accommodation units (rooms, apartments...).
7. If you have activated the reservation system (in the group "Basic data"), the link to access it and manage your reservations will be displayed.
» instructions for use of the reservation system
Advertising tourist accommodation on internet
Terms and conditions: this catalogue is intended exclusively for advertisement of tourist accommodation. Advertisers are required to publish truthful information about their accommodation. Advertisers are allowed to publish only articles and photographs on which they have copyright, and are fully responsible for possible violations of others' copyrights by publishing articles and photographs in this catalogue. Except where explicitly stated, advertisers enter and modify information about their accommodation themselves. Communication with advertisers is performed via email. We are not responsible for possible interruption of service which is a consequence of unavailability of the server, problems with internet traffic or other causes that are not under our control. We reserve the right to change the design and content of the data presented at any time and without prior notice. Any usage of this catalogue that contravenes the law is prohibited. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in deletion of the accommodation from the catalogue without any compensation or refund. By publishing advertisement in this catalogue the advertisers fully accept these terms and conditions. Free ads: subdirectories on other web sites, sites under construction and sites advertising accommodation which is not yours (accommodation catalogues, travel agencies, reservation systems etc.) are forbidden. Free ads don't include any kind of user support and exclude any responsibility towards the accommodation owner regarding this advertisement service.
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