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Advertising on internet
Advertising tourist accommodation on internetAn ever increasing number of tourists discover their first information on travel destinations on internet. Ease of use and abundance of content make internet an unavoidable tool in travel planning. Advantages of internet are particularly significant when looking for accommodation. There is no need anymore to go to a tourist agency, in a few clicks all information are available to a future guest. Maybe your future guest?
Where on internet?
Advertising tourist accommodation on internetNumerous web sites and advertisement options confuse many accommodation owners who wish to advertise their accommodation. Internet users mostly look for tourist accommodation on popular search engines like Google. Whichever is your destination, our web site is on top of search results, always easy to find. And once you find it, you'll be one visitor more, in addition to a few thousand internet users that visit our web sites every day.
Attract more visitors
Advertising tourist accommodation on internetEvery accommodation owner can enter a free advertisement on our web site.The ad shows detailed information on your accommodation object and corresponding accommodation units (rooms, apartments - up to 5 accommodation units). You can publish 4 photographs for accommodation object and accommodations units (4 for each one) and accommodation descriptions in 9 supported languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian and Croatian). Geographic map with location of your accommodation is displayed. Visitors can contact you directly, by phone or e-mail. Detailed information on your accommodation is shown in all supported languages.
Reservation system
Advertising tourist accommodation on internet If you wish, you can use the integrated reservation system for your accommodation. The reservation system allows you to enter data on existing reservations for your accommodation units and displays the availability of accommodation to visitors.
» instructions for use of the reservation system
Join the catalogue
Advertising tourist accommodation on internetAfter entry and activation of the ad (more on the procedure on the next page) you can change by yourself and at any time all the data related to your accommodation, by means of a simple web interface (which includes publishing and changing the photographs).
» more information on entering a new ad