Tourist accommodation in Portugal
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Detailed list of data for ad administration
  » Basic data
  Name and surname of contact person for accommodation reservation
  E-mail address of contact person for accommodation reservation (can be different from user e-mail address)
  Address - street and house number of accommodation
  Postal code and city
  Accommodation location display on the geographical map - Display type: road, satellite, hybrid or terrain view. Zoom level setting. Determination of the location: automatic from the entered address or by double-clicking on the map.
  Phone number
  Mobile phone number
  Languages for communication with guests
  Distance from the sea
  Distance from the beach
  Distance from the shop
  Distance from the restaurant
  Distance from the center
  Display of the list of accommodation units - With this option selected the visitor will be presented with an accommodation unit selection list, and only one accommodation unit (the selected one) will be displayed. If this option isn't selected all accommodation units will be displayed all the time (ordered vertically). It's recommended to select this option when there's a large number of accommodation units, in order to achieve a clearer display.
  Use of the reservation form - With this option selected, the visitors will reserve the accommodation by means of a reservation form with pre-arranged data entry fields (name, e-mail, phone number, arrival and departure dates...). If this option isn't selected, the visitors will reserve the accommodation by sending e-mail messages.
  Reservation system - The reservation system allows entry of free and occupied periods for each accommodation unit. The calender showing the status of accommodation units is available to visitors. Automatic reservations entry means that resevation requests that visitors send through the reservation form, are automatically registered in the reservation system.
  Voluntary periods for accommodation price determination - This option allows to define voluntary periods for accommodation price determination (for accommodation units for which price is determined by periods). If this option isn't selected, periods for price determination are calender months. If a particular period isn't entered it's not displayed to visitors.
  » Accommodation object
  Type and classification of accommodation object
  Don't display accommodation type (option)
  Accommodation object description in Croatian
  Accommodation object description in English
  Accommodation object description in German
  Accommodation object description in Italian
  Accommodation object description in French
  Accommodation object description in Spanish
  Accommodation object description in Slovenian
  Accommodation object description in Czech
  Accommodation object description in Hungarian
  » Accommodation unit (for each accommodation unit separately)
  Accommodation unit type, name and official classification
  Surface (m²)
  Max. number of persons (fixed beds)
  Additional persons (extra beds)
  Price min/max (or price per period: calendar months or voluntarily defined periods)
  Price per person (instead of per accommodation unit, option)
  Currency in which prices are expressed
  Activation of the accommodation unit - Accommodation unit can be inactive and not displayed to visitors, for example if it's temporarily unavailable for rent.
  Satellite TV
  Safe deposit box
  Washing machine
  Bedlinen and towels
  Air conditioning
  Sea view
  Swimming pool
  Smoking allowed
  Accommodation unit description in Croatian
  Accommodation unit description in English
  Accommodation unit description in German
  Accommodation unit description in Italian
  Accommodation unit description in French
  Accommodation unit description in Spanish
  Accommodation unit description in Slovenian
  Accommodation unit description in Czech
  Accommodation unit description in Hungarian
  » Change of access code
  » Accommodation photographs administration
  » Administration of reservations
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