Turist overnatting Hellas
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Valgt region: Hellas (1087 overnattingssteder)
.Macedonia west
.Macedonia center-west
.Macedonia center-east
.Macedonia east
.Thrace west
.Thrace east
.Thessalia west
.Thessalia east
.Ionic islands south
.Central Greece west
.Central Greece east
.Attica and Euboea
.Lesbos and Chios
.Peloponnese north
.Peloponnese west
.Peloponnese east
.Peloponnese south and Kithira
.Cyclades north
.Cyclades west
.Cyclades east
.Dodecanese north
.Crete west
.Crete center
.Crete east
.Karpathos and Kasos
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Macedonia westMacedonia center-westMacedonia center-eastMacedonia eastThrace westThrace eastCorfuEpirusThessalia westThessalia eastLemnosIonic islands southCentral Greece westCentral Greece eastAttica and EuboeaLesbos and ChiosPeloponnese northPeloponnese westPeloponnese eastPeloponnese south and KithiraCyclades northCyclades westCyclades eastDodecanese northRhodesCrete westCrete centerCrete eastKarpathos and Kasos
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