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Hotel Märchenhotel Bellevue
EN: Being hosts is what we love best about our job. We know what holidays mean for you: a major investment, not just in terms of money but also of time, anticipation and expectations. The atmosphere in our hotel is leisurely, making for happy, relaxed holidays. And you can rest assured that, as dedicated hosts, we will do our best to make you feel totally at home with us. In the Bellevue Fairy-Tale Hotel, junior guests are a major focus of attention, enabling their parents to enjoy their holidays too, without a worry in the world. Many years ago, we had the opportunity to buy a big old hotel where we kept what was good and traditional while renovating many rooms to modern standards. This opportunity was a dream come true for my wife and me, though it wasn´t a magic wish granted by the good fairy! For us and our staff, willingness to serve others is part of our philosophy of life. In the Bellevue, the smiles come from the heart. We both trained at a hotel management school, but it wa...

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