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Hotel Chesa Salis
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, a village where time seems to have stood still for a hundred years. The Chesa Salis (built in 1590) was originally a farm house; it consisted of two main buildings, the living area and stables with a hay loft. The owners were the Moeli, wealthy merchants who had immigrated to Bergamo and were happy to spend many a summer here. The house was sold to Rudolf von Salis in 1877, an offspring of one of the most important families in the Engadin and Bergells region. As the “Power of Dynasty” was in its final bloom, Rudolf von Salis gave the contract to Nikolaus Hartmann, a Swiss German architect who lived in Engadin to rebuild the property into a fine house fit for the lord of the manor. Hartmann married the two existing buildings together utilising the then prevailing eclecticism creating a harmonious composition. The exterior he refined using small plates of wood overlapping each other. The plaster façade was embossed with amultitude of architectural artist...

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