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Accommodation name:
The name can consist of letters, digits and dashes (max. 30 characters). Don't enter city name or accommodation type (room, apartment...) in the accommodation name.
Web site:

Your web site, if you have one. Sites advertising accommodation which is not yours (accommodation catalogues, travel agencies, reservation systems etc.) are not allowed. A particular web site can't be added more than once.
Name and surname:
E-mail address:
E-mail address of the user - used to verify the entry.
I accept terms and conditions
Yellow shaded fields represent data that the user can't change at will after the activation of accommodation. After the entry of new accommodation, the user is sent an e-mail with a confirmation link. After the confirmation, new entry is verified. We reserve the right to decline or delete any entry.

In order to prevent the communication from our e-mail address to be wrongly interpreted as SPAM (unwanted message), we recommend that you add it as a contact in you e-mail application (Gmail, Yahoo...).